Thursday, July 17, 2008

Basic Coupon Tips Part 2

Tip #1 Know your stores' policies. For example, my Krogers and Meijers both double my coupons up to $1. So if I have a .50 off coupon, it would double and I would actually get $1 off. If you have a .75 off coupon, you would still get $1 off.

Tip #2 Print Walmarts Coupon Policy.
Keep this with you when you are shopping at Walmart, just in case if a cashier gives you a problem about printable coupons. You can show it to the Manager if you need to.

Tip #3 When getting ready to checkout, always look for the friendliest looking cashier, it could make a big difference.

Tip #4 There have definitely been times when a cashier has declined my coupons. What did I do? Well, first I explained how it was legit. If they still won't take it, I just simply tell the cashier that I don't want the product then. Most of the time, the cashier just voids the item, and gives me my coupon back. However, there has been times when the cashier gives in at this point & takes the coupon anyway.

Hope these tips have helped you!

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