Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weigh In Wednesday/ Does Alli Really Work???

My weight has always been an issue, since I've had my kids. It has been a vicious cycle, losing weight, then gaining it back, plus some. I knew that I had to do something to STOP this vicious cycle! I had started dieting for a few weeks, and I was doing very well, and losing weight. I was talking to my sister, Jen, who had success with alli, but I just couldn't get past the side effects that I had heard about. But, then I decided to learn more. Once I learned that alli is the only weight loss approved by the fda, I knew that it was safe, and I learned online that you can control, and prevent the side effects, by eating a low-fat diet. I knew that alli was doable. And I myself, have been able to still eat fast food occasionally, and throughout the whole time that I took alli, I NEVER, not even once, experienced any side effects! My efforts are finally paying off! Alli has helped me to stay on track, and lose the weight that I wanted to. It is proven that alli could help you to lose 50% more weight, than dieting alone. Alli is not for everyone though!

Alli helped me a lot, but I can't say that that's the only reason why I lost weight. I was dieting and losing weight for about 3 weeks before I started taking them, and I haven't been taking them for the past couple weeks. However, I do believe that alli did help me a lot. Alli is very expensive ( definitely not a frugal thing!) and I was only able to purchase them because they were on sale at CVS, I used coupons, paid with ECB's, and a free gift card that I had received, and received ECB's. They are NOT on sale at CVS right now, but if your interested in them, it would be a good idea to keep your eyes open for sales like this. They are on sale this week at Walgreens for $49.99, and with a $10 off coupon, they would be $39.99. It's still expensive though! I have found that alli is cheapest at Walmart for about $39.24 (60 ct.) With the $10 off coupon, it would be around $29.94. Or $49.63 for a 90ct. starter kit ($39.63 after coupon) This would last you for about 30 days, so all in all, it would cost you a little more than $1 a day to take alli. I started losing weight in May, and so far I've lost 29 pounds. This week I didn't lose any weight, but I didn't gain any either, so it's okay.

If you are interested in learning more about alli, here are a few tips:

Tip #1

Go here, to apply to receive a free book called " We Lost It." It is about 14 people who have lost over 600 pounds with alli. This book is free from Walmart!

Tip #2

Before you even think about taking alli, go here to take the readiness quiz.

Tip #3

Go to and learn as much as you can about alli and make sure that you can be committed enough before buying it. Again, alli is not for everyone!

Tip #4

If you've done all the research, and you're ready for a life change, then go here, and print your $10 off coupon, before buying it!

Remember, if you have any further questions, or comments, please send me an email, or leave me a comment. I'd love to hear what you think! Good Luck!

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