Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weigh In Wednesday

Yes, it's that time again! This week I slacked big time, and thought for sure that either, I didn't lose any weight at all, or that I gained weight.
But, to my surprise I still lost 2 pounds this week! And I even went to Outback one night for dinner and splurged. (I never get to eat out!) That brings my total weight lost to 29 pounds! I'm so happy, I feel a lot better about myself, however I am now in need of a new wardrobe!

Last week I gave you a few tips to get you started. This week we step it up a little.

Tip #1
When I first started my diet, I first tried to be more aware, and I did the things that I shared with you last week. On the second week, I became a little more dedicated, and motivated. First I made myself a contract, promising myself to try my best, and not to give up. I then signed it, and put it on my refrigerator so that I was reminded of it everyday. Then I took a couple pictures of myself. I dedicated a couple pages in a notebook to record my starting weight and all of my measurements, to keep track of my weight loss. This seemed to help me to stay focused, because I knew that every week I had to weigh myself, and write it down, because I made a promise to myself(the contract).

Tip #2
Start exercising. I started out small, with taking a 20 minute walk a couple times a week, and gradually increased my exercise time. I enjoy doing Tae bo kickboxing, pilates, and yoga. I also try to alternate my workouts, because I'm trying to avoid a Plateau.

Tip #3
Don't be so hard on yourself! The weight didn't come on overnight, and it's not going to go away overnight! It takes time, and hard work. But, if you really want it, you can do it! If you have a slip up, don't beat yourself up. Instead just get back on track the next day, or maybe add some time to your workout time, to make up for the extra calories!

Good Luck!And Please Leave a comment and share how you did last week!

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