Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is what I got at CVS this week, sorry no picture this time! I went into the store with $10 in my hand and $5.79 in ecbs. I left with $52.12 worth of products, only 82 cents left, and $10 ecbs. So, I don't think that I did too bad. Here is what I got & how I did it....

Transaction #1
*Bought 2 Baby Bottle pops $2 ( Towards buy $10 in candy, get $5 ecbs back --I already had $2.98 towards my candy deal from last week.)
*Bought 1 lamisil defense spray powder 4.6 oz $7.59
*Bought 1 lamisil defense shake powder 4 oz $7.59
Used $3/$15 cvs coupon (print out from the bottom of my receipt)
Used (2) $4 off Lamisil MQ's from 7/20SS
Paid with my $5.79 ecbs that I already had.
Total paid oop (tax included) = 81 cents
Received $10 ecbs back!

Transaction #2 (I spent more than I intended, but I still did good)
*Bought 3 Baby bottle pops $3
*Bought 3 Jumbo push pops $3
*Bought 1 Alavert D-12, allergy & sinus 12 extended release tablets
(had to purchase at the pharmacy) cost $5.99 on sale
*Bought 1 Skin Effects Purifying effects deep cleansing enzyme scrub 5.5 oz.
costs $6.99 on sale
*Bought 1 Bikini zone creme 1 oz. cost $7.99 (more than I expected!)
Used 1 $3/$15 coupon (print out from my receipt)
Used 1 Alavert $4 off coupon here
Used 1 $2 off skin effects cvs coupon here
Used 1 $1 off Bikini zone coupon here
Paid with my $10 ecbs from transaction #1
Total paid oop w/tax included = $7.33 (for $26.97 worth of products)
but received $5 ecbs for candy, $3 ecbs for Alavert, $5 ecbs for skin effects, $2 for bikini zone
For a total of $15 in ecbs back, so although I paid $7.33, I still consider it a money maker!

Transaction #3
*Bought 1 CVS drawstring kitchen garbage bags 20 ct. $4.99
(we needed these & the CVS bags work good!)
*Bought 1 CVS kitchen hand soap pump $1.99
*Bought 1 CVS foaming hand soap pump 99 cents (on sale buy one get one 50% off)
Used $2 off CVS coupon here
Paid with $5 ecbs from last transaction
Total paid oop w/tax included = $1.04

So, for paying less than $10, I think that I got a lot of good stuff, and as I said before, I still have $10 left in ecbs for next week! How did you do this week at CVS? Did you find any good deals? Please leave a comment & share! Any questions, don't hesitate!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing those CVS coupons. The CVS I shop at is always out of the Beauty booklets!

    I got two colgate toothpastes, 2 bags of Dove chocolate, 4 packs of Wrigley's extra gum, 6 packs of (4ct) AAA Energizer batteries, Children's Advil, and a bottle of mouth wash (my free gift). After coupons and ECB, I spent $.10! I spent $20 ECB and got $15.

  2. I know, my CVS never has the beauty book either! You did good at CVS this week!!!

  3. i did a quick buy 2 lamisil product (7.99 each), used 2 $4 off coupons, and the $2 off 10, $5 ECB and .98 cents OOP. Got $10 ECB back. now that was a good and easy one!


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