Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weigh In Wednesday

I have reached my goal, and I'm keeping it off-I haven't lost or gained any weight this week! I've lost about 35 pounds since May, so I'm happy with that! This week I wanted to share some tips with you about how to squeeze exercise into your busy day! I decided to write about this because I'm not going to lie--I have totally been slacking off in the exercises department for the past month. Now that the kiddies are back in school, I'm ready to get back in my exercising schedule! And this is exactly what I needed to write about to get me motivated! Hopefully, after you read this, you won't have an excuse to skip exercising either! I've learned that there are a lot of ways to incorporate exercises into my daily activities. So, here are a few helpful tips!
Tip #1
Do Interval exercises
Basically, break your workouts up throughout the day into smaller workouts. For example: 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there ect. For me, it's easier to do this. Because I usually dread having a tough 60 minute workout! And, you can actually workout while you are doing your normal activities!
Tip #2
Work out while at the office, or while your at the computer!
1. Take a few minutes to do a few simple stretches while you are at your desk! Some might include twisting your torso to look over your shoulder, doing neck tilts (ear to shoulder) or maybe even stretching your legs by putting your foot on top of the desk--make sure it is straight. Then reach & stretch to try to touch your toes! The possibilities for stretching while at the desk are endless.
2. Tone muscles throughout the day while on the computer, or whenever you think about it--
All you have to do is contract the muscles in the abs and glutes. Hold it for a few seconds, then release. Repeat this several times!
Tip #3
Workout while at Home!
1. Exercise while you cook. For example, do jumping jacks while your waiting for the water to boil, do lunges while waiting in between stirring, contract and release abs & glutes while stirring, do rear leg lifts while washing dishes. Be creative & do what works for you!
2. Exercise while watching TV. Do sit-ups during commercial breaks, jog in place, get out a jumping rope, or use those dumbbells that have been collecting dust. Any type of exercises are beneficial. And every little bit of exercise counts! I've learned that I usually will exercise longer if I'm watching TV or listening to music! Because then I'm not thinking about exercise too much! Also, while I'm working out, I try to clear my head! I try not to think about all the phone calls I need to make, or the laundry that needs to be done, or what I've read online. Whenever I start thinking about everything that I need to do, I end up cutting my exercises shorter!
3.Pushing the vacuum, mopping the floors, and washing windows actually does count as exercise! Whenever I clean my house, I always turn up the radio, and every so often I'll stop for a few minutes, and dance around with my kids! We always have fun, my heart gets pumping & I'm burning fat!
4. Chase your kids around the backyard! They love it, everyone is having fun & you get your workout time in!
Tip #4
Work out while running your errands!
1. Contract and release muscles(as stated earlier) while you are waiting in lines!
2. Pushing a heavy shopping cart is guess what? Exercise!
3. Carrying grocery bags to the car, then from car to house, and putting everything away is exercise too!
4. Take a few extra laps around the store, while pushing your heavy cart, to get your heart pumping!
5. Just one more helpful tip-- while you are doing these everyday activities, think about, concentrate, and tighten your muscles. For example- while lifting your groceries, focus your attention on your biceps. Tighten them and while focusing-- image yourself as a slimmer you! This has worked for me!
More tips to incorporate exercise everyday:
*Take the stairs instead of the elevator/ 2 steps at a time, if you can.
*Park as far as you can away from the store!
*Take a brisk 10 minute walk, to boost your energy! I usually let my kids ride their bikes, and I'll walk briskly behind them. They love it, and I'm getting in some much needed exercise time!

**Please note-I am not a professional, nor a health care provider! These tips are only intended for general purposes, please seek advice from your health care professional before starting any new exercise routine! I'm just a typical stay at home mom striving to become more fit & a healthier me & thought that I'd share what I've learned!!! I hope that these tips have helped you to become a little bit more motivated!

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