Friday, September 26, 2008

Amount paid $13.98....

Spending time doing "coupons" is worth it! I was able to get everything in this picture for only $13.98 including taxes! Not bad. It took several transactions at my three favorite places to shop, CVS, Kroger, and Meijer! Please make a note that my kitchen table is completely covered! Click on the picture to get the full effect! I'm going to break it all down for you!
$128. 50 before coupons....
$13.98 after coupons....
$114.52 amount of money saved!
Here's the breakdown of how I did it:
CVS Transaction 1:
Paid $.42 including tax, total was $13.17
Bought 1 Crest prohealth mouthwash $2.99 used $.75 MQ, Bought 1 Adidas deodorant $4.99 used $1 MQ, 1 Nivea Body wash $4.99 used $1/1 MQ. Also used a Cvs coupon for $2/$10, and paid with $8 in ECBS. Got back $4.99, $4, and $2 ECBS.
CVS Transaction 2:
Bought 2 tasters choice coffee sticks $.49 ea. used B1G1 free printable coupon, and bought 1 package of Viva paper towels (I know this was an ecb deal this week, but it was a quick trip, we needed paper towels & I didn't feel like paying much oop.) Anyway, used $.50 MQ for paper towels. Also paid with $1, and $4.99 ECBS. Total paid $.53. Total was $7.54 before coupons.
Kroger Transaction 1:
All coupons doubled up to $1.
Bought 2 packages of Tennessee sausage gravy $1 ea. used $.55 MQ, bought 2 Land O lakes butter. Used (2) $.50 MQ, bought 1 Kroger yogurt cup, used FREE coupon from Kroger mailer. Bought (1) 2 liter of A&W root beer for $1.25. Used $1 off CAT(Catalina) coupon, 2 Martha white muffin mixes, used $.55 MQ, Country Bob sauce, used FREE coupon, Tasters choice coffee sticks pack, used FREE CAT coupon, 2 trident gum packs on sale B1G1 free. Used $.55 MQ from 9/21 insert, bought Pillsbury pizza crust, used FREE coupon that I got in the mail from Pssst, 1 tube Aquafresh $1, used $.55 MQ, 4-4 packs of Cottonelle toilet paper, used (4) $.50/1 MQ from 9/21 Smart Source insert. Also received $.25 off for reusing my plastic bags. Total before coupons = $21.26. Total after coupons = $1.53 for all of that!
Kroger Transaction 2:
Bought 6 Powerade 32 oz. bottles for $.79 ea. Total with tax $5.05. Used $1/3 CAT coupon, used $1 off your next order CAT coupon, and $2.50 off next order CAT (received those from previous transactions last week) Total after coupons = 55 cents w/tax. Then I got back another CAT coupon for $4 off your next order!
Kroger Transaction 3:
Bought (2) Glade Wisp flameless candles for $8.97 ea. used B1G1 free printable, and $4 off CAT coupon, Bought (2) Glade plug in gel warmers for $1.89 ea. Used B1G1 free MQ, 2 packages of Land O Lakes butter for $1 ea. Used (2) $.55 MQ, Bought 1 Healthy Choice mixers meal, Used FREE coupon from Kroger Mailer. Bought 2 Trident gums B1G1 free, used $.55 off MQ. Bought 4-4 packs of Cottonelle toilet paper, used 4 $.50 MQ from 9/21SS. Also used (2) $4 off your next order CAT coupons that I received from previous week. Total before coupons = $34.69. Total after coupons: $.69 Also received (2) $2 off your next order CATS, and (2) $4 off your next order CATS!
Meijer transaction 1:
Bought 2 powder coffee creamers for $1.69 ea. Bought (2) Tasters choice instant coffee stick packs for $1.19 ea. Bought (2) Betty Crocker delights bowls. Used (2) $.50/1 MQ for creamers. Creamers had peelie coupons to get the coffee sticks free wyb creamers. Used (2) $.50 MQ for delights bowls. Total before coupons = $8.43. paid $3.05 after coupons.
Meijers Transaction #2:
Bought 23 packs of Kool-Aid, Bought 2 bottles of Ranch dressing, 2 boxes of wheat thin crackers, 2 containers of Crystal light, and 1 pkg. Oscar Meyer Wieners. Used (2) coupons for free Ranch dressing wyb Kraft (ect.) Used (2) Free wheat thins, used (2) free crystal light, used (1) MQ for for free Oscar Meyer wieners. That is why I bought the Kool-aid packets. These coupons were in a previous issue(I can't remember which one!) of All You magazine. Also bought Cascade Rinse aid. Used Free coupon from Home made simple coupon booklet, 2 Coffee mate creamers. Used (2) $.50 printable coupons. Bought 2 Betty Crocker delights bowls. Used 2 $.50 MQ. Total before coupons = $38.39. Total after coupons = $7.21.
There you have it! Here are the links for all of CVS, Kroger, and Meijer deals.

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