Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Halloween countdown banner

If you haven't decided on a costume yet- for your little ones, now is the time to start deciding! Of course, I am frugal at Halloween (all year long) so I will not purchase an expensive costume that is only worn one time. Even though my kids do play "dress up" and they also usually dress up for their birthday parties, so a costume does get a lot of use in my household, I still will not spend a lot of money! Here are a few tips about Halloween costumes--

1. Make your own costumes. This is what I usually do! After my kids costumes are complete, I will share photos, probably later in October! You can come up with a cute costume, just by using your imagination!
2. Ask friends or family members if they have a costume that your child might fit into, that they won't be using. For example, one year my sister gave me a costume for my daughter, that my niece had grown out of.
3. Check your local Goodwill store, or thrift store. Even yard sales, or Once Upon a child. Used costumes usually still look brand new, because most children only wear them once or twice! When I was at Goodwill this weekend, they were even selling brand new costumes, at reasonable prices, so if you have one near you, it's worth it to check it out!

**I also wanted to share that several restaurants are selling "Halloween coupons!"

At McDonald's they are selling coupons for $1, which include free coupons for burgers, fries, and cone. Also, Wendy's sells Halloween coupons for $1, and you get coupons for free frosty's! Go get these before they run out! These are great to give to your kids for a special treat, or to close friends, or family members! My favorite is the coupons that they sell at Frisch's! You get 8 coupons for only $1! These coupons are for a Free mini meal. The child can pick from 6 different meals for free. And there is no limit. This is only way that I can bring my kids out to eat! I only have to pay for my own meal & my kids get their meals FREE! I love it!
These coupons make great gifts too, so go get yours before it's too late!

Do you have any tips or advice to add to my costume tips? How does your family do costumes-make them, buy them (ect.) ? Do you know of any good Halloween coupons, or deals? If so, please leave a comment & share! I love to hear from my readers, it's my fuel!


  1. I went to both walmart and target last week for other things, but the kids had wanted me to check out halloween costumes. I was shocked to find that walmart had none and target had just a few remaining on 2 whole aisles that were almost empty. It was crazy!


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