Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I finally have Power!!!!

I finally have power, whoo-hoo!!! On Sunday, we had a very bad windstorm(the worst that I've seen in all my life!) and we were without power for a few days. There are still over 500,000 people in the Tri-state area that still do not have power! So, I am very lucky & happy to finally have power! As a result of Sunday's storms, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland even declared a State of Emergency in Ohio! He said that 84 of 88 counties in Ohio have reported damages & power outages from the remains of Hurricane Ike! Clean up & restoration takes time, and it's been pretty crazy around here! Long lines for gas & ice. Kids have been out of school, and we've been working hard to get our yard cleaned up! I just thank God for my blessings, and that everyone in my family is safe. I am also praying for the families who were hit a lot harder than us...

With all of that being said, please be patient with my blogging this week. I know that I'm behind on posting deals, ect. and I will get back to my blogging and posting deals at my earliest convenience! Thank you for understanding & being patient!


  1. I just barely got power back a few hours ago and now I've got to get caught up!
    I hope that tree wasn't from your yard!

  2. Our yard was a mess, and on our street & in our neighborhood there were a lot of trees down. We were very lucky & I thank God that we didn't have any major damage to our house or yard! That picture was from another yard! I'm really behind, and I've got to get caught back up too!


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