Monday, September 22, 2008

Money Making Tips

Get Paid $CASH$ For your opinions!
Today I wanted to share with you about Market Research companies! This post is based towards my Cincinnati Area readers! I have been doing Market Research studies for these companies for over a year now, and I've been able to earn about $210 so far this year by doing these studies! With the holidays right around the corner, it might be a nice time to sign up for these companies to earn a little bit of extra cash!
By joining the data base for these companies, basically you could participate in focus groups, taste tests, in-home product testing, completing simple surveys and more!
Tips: Call each of these companies & ask to be added to their database. At that time, you could also ask if there are any studies going on now. In the future, whenever a study comes up, they will call you. They will ask you several questions to see if you qualify for the study. If you do qualify, they will schedule you for a time & it's easy money!
Sometimes, it is very frustrating when you spend several minutes on the phone with them, only to find out that you didn't qualify! But, eventually you'll qualify & it's worth it!
So here's the list...
* Various Views Research- Call 513-489-8519 & ask to be added to their database!
*AIM (Assistance in Marketing) Call 513-683-6600 & ask to be added to their database!
*J&R Coordinating-Call 513-771-7888 & ask to be added to their database!
*Hilltop Research Study- 1-800-874-5770
*North Cliff Consultants (located on Colerain Ave.) Call 513-245-2800
*Little Viewpoints- For Mother's of children ages 0-7 years old. Register online here
They will call you when a study becomes available!
If I find any more companies, I will share them with you! I hope that this post was helpful! Good luck! And here's to making some extra $$$!!!

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