Saturday, September 13, 2008

Campbells eLabels: Support your school Free!

I know that most of all of you out there have heard about the Campbell's labels for education. I just wanted to share a couple new things with you. Also, I wanted to add that these programs cost you nothing, and they donate money to your local school! If you don't have any children in school, please still consider helping out a school in your area, or maybe you have Grandchildren, a niece or nephew, friend, or neighbor who has a school-aged child.

Campbell's eLabels for Education

When you purchase a participating Campbell's item, you have probably noticed on the label, by the bar code, it will say - Labels for Education. If you cut these labels out, and send them to your child's school, the school receives points. Then they are able to use these points to purchase things that the school needs. So, next time that you purchase a Campbell's product, instead of just throwing it away, take a couple minutes to cut off the label. Put it in an envelope, or Ziploc bag, in an area that you won't forget about. Then send it to school with your child, grandchild, friend, neighbor, ect.

A new option for Campbell's labels in addition to clipping them out!
There is a new program from Campbell's and your local Kroger family of  stores! There are 4,000 participating stores!

This is how it works:

  1. First you will need to go here to register, and set up an account. It is Free. You do need to add  your Shopper's Card or loyalty card numbers to your account. Then, you will need to choose which school you would like to support, for free!  
  2. After you are registered, every time you purchase a Campbell's product & scan your Kroger Plus card, or store's loyalty card, a certain amount of points will automatically be deposited into your schools account. Then your school will be able to purchase items with these points! Even Grandparents & Family members in other cities or states can earn points & show support for their loved ones!
*It is very easy to sign up, it only takes a few minutes, and it costs you nothing, so go here and sign up!
*For more information about Campbell's labels, go here
*To find a participating school near you, go here

A few more notes:

  • On your receipt you will see when you purchase a participating item, and that the points were added to your school's account. On the receipt it will say " eCamp " or something along those lines.
  • You can still use a paper manufacturer coupon or store coupon to save money on Campbell's products. The eLabels will not effect this.

Now, Give yourself a pat on the back, because you did a good deed!

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