Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thrifty Tips

Inexpensive Gift Idea

I originally got the idea to make this "Birthday Cake Box" from Michaels. However, I got creative, changed the colors ect. and made it my own! I made this for my niece's 6th birthday & inside I made a denim purse. (I'll share how I made that next week!) She loved it! The cool thing about this project is that you can change it, to whatever you'd like. If it's for a boy-use blue, or green paint. You could also personalize it for just about any occasion. You could use red & green & paint on Merry Christmas, or for a baby shower, or wedding gift & write congrats. The possibilities are endless, just be creative! I will share how I made this one. I just used the supplies that I already had on hand, so I only paid for the cost of the Paper Mache box. It costs about $2.99 at my local Michaels store & I used a 40% off any one item coupon, from an ad in the Sunday paper. So it was an inexpensive gift idea, that everyone loved & it turned out cute! I have to warn you that I am not a professional, nor an artist! So whenever I share a craft, ect. it will be rated E-for Easy!
Supplies I used:
(All supplies can be found at Michaels, or you could try your local craft store. I've listed the Sku #'s that I know if you do go to Michaels. Or use what you have on hand.)
7 1/4" Paper Mache Box~sku # is 329027 (if your interested)
Forester dowels~sku # 031021
Yellow foam sheet
Craft Smart Acrylic Paints~ I used Pink Blast, Plum, and Orchid.
Paint Brush
I used Foam letters for the Happy Birthday. But you could also use a stencil & paint on the desired words!
Craft knife, scissors ect. to cut the dowels
Hot glue gun/hot glue
Pencil with eraser
water container
paper towels
Foam/paper plate
1. To make the candles: Measure and mark 2 dowels in 2" increments. Use a craft knife (ect.) to cut dowels at the marks. Paint the "candles" your desired color~ I used Plum. If making a box for a different occasion(ect.) you would just eliminate the birthday candles. After you paint the candles set them aside.
2. Paint the lid of the paper mache box next. I used Pink Blast. Tip: I had to apply several coats of paint to the lid, the box, and candles to achieve this look.
3. Paint the bottom of the box. I used Orchid.
4. After applying several coats of paint, allow the paint to dry completely. I let mine dry overnight!
5. Next, you will need to apply the foam letters to the top of the box, or use your stencil & paint on your desired words.
6. Using the eraser on the pencil, apply dots of paint to the bottom of the "cake." I used Plum & Pink blast.
7. Cut out 6 "candle flames" from a sheet of yellow foam. Glue the flames to the top of the wooden candles using hot glue.
8. Attach the candles to the top of the "cake" box using a large blob of hot glue. Push the wooden candles into the hot glue. Allow to dry. Paint the hot glue blob with the same color paint that you used to paint the "cake" top. In my case I used Pink blast.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email & I will respond at my earliest convenience!

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