Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thrifty Tips

Sunday, September 7th is Grandparents Day!
“Grandparents are meant for kisses and hugs, For watching rainbows and catching bugs, For baking all of your favorite things, For books to read and songs to sing.”
Author unknown

Here are a few Frugal ideas & links to help you & your children to celebrate Grandparents Day!

Things to make:
*My Favorite idea: Place child's hand on cardstock or thin cardboard and trace carefully around it. Cut out this pattern. Have the child then place the pattern onto colored paper, trace around it at least eight or ten times, and carefully cut out handprint shapes. Once handprints are cut out, the child should arrange them in a circle (palms in, fingers out, hands overlapping slightly) and glue. Decorations may be added after the wreath dries.Finally, insert a picture of the child in the center of the wreath!
Here are some links to find more great ideas:
*Crayola's Grandparents Day activities here
*Lots of Grandparents Day activities here,
including a printable booklet for your children to fill in.
*Grandparents Day Print & Color cards here
*Grandparents are Special poem, kids fill in, printable here
*More Grandparents Day printables here
One of my Favorite Printable Sites:
*DLTK's Printable crafts for kids, printables & activities for Grandparents Day here

Hope this was helpful! If you'd like to share any ideas, please leave a comment below!

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