Sunday, September 28, 2008

What I got in my mailbox....

This week I didn't get too much in my mailbox again! But here is what I did get....
Free magazines-
*Oct. issue of Working Mother
*Oct. issue of O magazine
*TV guide magazine
Also received-
*Sample of Donkin donuts coffee original blend
*Planet Heros DVD
Some coupons received:
*Gain coupon & scent card from Walmart
*Coupon booklet from Home made simple coupon booklet. Included a coupon for Free cascade rinse aid.
*Also received a coupon for Free Pillsbury pizza crust, from Pssst, by General Mills. They also mailed me several $1.10 off coupons to share with my friends & family. Pssst... is a company similar to She speaks and Vocalpoint. Basically they send you free coupons & products to try. I love these companies!

That's all that I got in mailbox this week! Did you gat anything Fun in the mail this week? Leave a comment & share!


  1. Mailbox freebies - not a lot here either

    *Oct. issue of O magazine
    *Oct. issue of Parenting magazine *Geotrax DVD
    *Gain coupon & scent card
    *Coupon booklet from Home Made Simple

  2. I have never heard of pssst, do they have you evaluate the product once you have tried it?

  3. Tosha-In the mail I received a Free coupon and several $1.10 coupons for Pillsbury pizza crust. I never did anything but sign up. In the paper included with the coupon, it states to please tell your family & friends if you like it, and share the coupons with them. It also states that within a few days I will receive an email with an electronic coupon to share with friends & family that do not live near me. Also, in a few weeks, they will send me an email survey from Pssst..., requesting my opinion about the new product.
    I hope that that helped you out! I think it's a great program!


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