Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thrifty Tips

This week for "Thrifty Tips" I thought I'd share my homemade costumes! Pictured above are my twins, Princess Leia, and Luke Sky walker! My kids are Star Wars fanatics, and we decided on Star Wars costumes for Halloween this year. My oldest son will be Darth Vader (not pictured) so I thought it was a perfect idea to dress up the twins as Princess Leia & Luke Sky walker because in the movie they are twins & Darth Vader's kids! So it goes together perfectly. Ethan's Darth Vader costume was given to him from his Grandparents (purchased at Good Will for a few dollars) So we paid Nothing out of pocket for his costume. The Luke Sky walker & Princess Leia costumes cost me very little, and they were super easy to make!

Luke Sky Walker:
*White Turtleneck
*White Karate shirt
*Brown Sweat pants
*2 Ace bandages (to wrap legs)
*Brown Boots
*Light saber
Total paid Out of pocket= Nothing!
(We already had all of these items!)
Princess Leia:
For the buns, I used a headband, covered with brown ribbon. I Attached the buns with hot glue to the headband. To achieve this, I used (2) Crystal light lids ( covered with brown felt) and hot glued brown cord (found at the fabric store) in a spiral, to look like a bun. It was very easy to do!
For the dress, I purchased white material. I took one of Adrianna's dresses & simply traced it on the fabric. Then I stitched it together. After a couple easy hems, and tucks, the dress was complete! She is also wearing a white turtleneck, and white leggings underneath. For the belt, I used shiny silver ribbon! This only took me a few short hours to throw these costumes together. And I think that they turned out pretty darn cute! My kids were so excited to try them on before Halloween!
The cost for the Princess Leia costume:
$2.72 for the brown Cord for the buns (from Joann Fabrics, had a 50% off coupon)
$4.46 for the white fabric. $2.97 per yard, I purchased 1.5 yds. Had plenty left. But I'd rather have too much, than not enough! I bought the fabric from Walmart. I already had all of the other items. So total price was $7.18! Not bad! Especially since I spent less than $10, and all three of my kids have costumes!

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