Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weigh in Wednesday

I shared with you that this past weekend I had a yard sale and made a profit of $145. After much contemplation, I decided to make a "big" purchase, for me anyway! I bought an "exercise bike!" I bought a Stamina recumbent bike as pictured above, and it cost $107 at Walmart! For me this is a huge purchase. I've been wanting one of these for several months and couldn't fit it into our budget. I figured that because I've been able to save "hundreds" of dollars by using my coupons and doing all the "deals" and because the money from the yard sale was an extra income, that I totally deserved to splurge and buy something for myself. To me this is an investment for my well-being, and it actually makes more sense to me to purchase an item for $107 to use at my convenience, in the privacy of my home, than to spend big bucks to go to a gym! With winter just around the corner I needed an activity that can be done indoors, and to help me to stay in shape, and keep the weight off!
For anyone starting an exercise routine, the main key is to find something that you enjoy & that is easy to do. For me, I enjoy riding a bike. It is easy to do, and it's easy on the joints. You can use an exercise bike while you watch TV, you can use it when it's dark outside, or if it's cold, or raining outside. It doesn't matter! Using an exercise bike is a great way to burn calories, and it's a good oxygen boost! So anyway, I'm pretty excited about this. My goal is to start slowly, and gradually build up to a more intense workout! Wish me luck... This has got to keep me motivated!
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  1. That is great for you! My motivation to keep working out, while keeping my diet in check, is this. When I am on one of the machines at my gym I make sure the calorie counter is on. I am always amazed at how hard I actually have to work to burn a small amount of calories. It is a mindset when I am staring at a bag of chips and dip (my weakness!=). I know how hard I will have to work to burn that off. So, I keep that in mind on all my snacks!
    congrats on the new purchase!


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