Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weigh In Wednesday

I don't know about you, but I'm scared to death of gaining weight during the holidays! For those of you that have just started reading here, I have recently lost over 30 pounds this year! I am very proud of it, it was very hard, but I did it! Recently I've gained back 2 pounds, which I've been really bummed about. Last week I purchased an exercise bike & so far I've been committed to working out and it's working out very well-so hopefully I'll be able to easily take those 2 pounds back off! But anyways, this week I was flipping through my November issue of Good Housekeeping magazine & I came across an article that I thought was a good concept & wanted to share it! It's on page 45 for those of you that have access to the magazine. Anyhow, it basically says to make sure that holiday bulge doesn't stick around: Get a close friend or relative to watch you step on the scale now & then again after New Year's. It goes on to say that when researchers weighed 19 people before Thanksgiving & then again in Mid-January, participants weights stayed the same-even though they consumed 36 percent more calories a day, on average over the holidays. Knowing that they were being held accountable motivated them to shed the pounds, suggested researchers!
So with all that being said, I am definitely going to try this myself! If you'd like to share any tips, or advice, or share what you plan on doing the keep the bulge off during the holidays, please leave a comment & share!

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