Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner!

I've been wanting one of these for quite awhile now, but I couldn't bring myself to spend all that money on one! That was until this awesome printable coupon for $10 off one came out!
At Meijer this baby costs $23.49 ea. regular price. So when I saw that it was on sale at Target for only $14.99-- I got excited. That meant I'd only pay $4.99 for it after coupon. I thought that was an awesome price so I went to Target to buy it. However, my Target was already sold out of them! Which was a good thing. Why? Well I didn't want to get a raincheck & go back next week. I had to go to Walmart for a few things anyway & I knew that Walmart does price match's. So I went into Walmart armed with my Target ad & ready to pick one up. But little did I know, I wouldn't need to do a price match because Walmarts low price was lower than Target's sale price!!! At Walmart it was only $12.97 regular price! So after the coupon I got it for only $2.97! I also noticed that the pledge multi surface duster was only $2.63. After the $2 off coupon it was only 63 cents! So, if you haven't yet, goHERE and print off these awesome coupons before they are gone!

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