Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thrifty Tips-My Diaper Cake-under $10!

Making a diaper cake is so much fun & it can be a frugal, and beautiful way to present diapers to an expectant, or new Mom! I have been making diaper cakes for some time now, and I will be attending a baby shower on Sunday, so I thought I'd share this with you!

It is very easy to make, it took less than an hour to put together & the results are pretty impressive! The last time that I made one, I got so many compliments! Most big companies (if you do a search online) are selling Diaper cakes between $50-$80 or more!

But, I was able to make this diaper cake for under $10!

For my diaper cake....

  • I used a piece of cardboard that I already had & wrapped it with blue tissue paper that I also already had!
  • Next, I put together the diaper cake in the 3 layers by rolling the diapers and gathering them together in a rubber band.
  • In the center I used a core, and put the diapers around the core. For the core I used a bottle of Huggies baby wash for body & hair that I got free at CVS using sale, coupon, and ECB a while ago! The diapers were purchased at Meijer. For 56 diapers (Meijer brand) size 1 diapers, cost $6.50 and I had a coupon for $4 off (from the glade deal) so they only cost me $2.50!!! The package of rubber bands was only $.49 at Kroger.
  • I recommend using neutral colored rubber bands (no colored ones) and to have an assortment of sizes!
  • After I had all three layers together, I started stuffing and hiding small items in the diaper cake.These were all freebies from getting free samples in the mail, and by combining sales with coupons! Some items included in my diaper cake are sample sized baby shampoo, baby lotion, huggies diaper wipes, CVS brand diaper rash cream(free after sale & coupon a while ago) Johnson's buddies soap (free after $3/3 coupon) Purrell hand sanitizer (free from Kroger last week w/sale & coupon) and lots more!
  • After I had all that done, I just tied the ribbon around & made bows in the front! The ribbon cost me $2, oh and the elephant puppet was used as the cake topper. It cost $1 at the dollar store, I put 2 diapers inside it, to make it stand up!
So for $6, I made this diaper cake!

If you'd like better instructions on how to make a diaper cake, I found this informative tutorial here.

You can be creative with this & make one however you'd like! The options are endless!

You could make a bath time diaper cake & use items that a baby needs for bath time!

Or you could make a bedtime diaper cake, and include a bedtime story, a lullaby cd, or items used for bedtime!

I also made a gift tag on my computer & printed it to add to the diaper cake.

On it I used this poem:

I made this lovely cake for your special day,
Because the stork is on her way.
It's filled with lots of things for you,
On the outside, and inside, too.
Place them in your diaper bag, So all the necessities you will have.
For the big day soon will come, When you can show off your little one!

And finally I also typed up & printed a cute little list with all the" ingredients" in the cake, and instructions on how to take apart the diaper cake!

I enjoyed making this & I'm pretty sure that the recipient will enjoy this as well!

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