Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tips for Budgeting for a better 2009 & More...

Many of you have probably made New Year's Resolutions this year and in my opinion, anyone can do anything that you set your mind to do! You actually have to reprogram
your brain. If you change your mind set & constantly remind yourself that you can do it then you will. It does take time, dedication, desire, sacrifice and motivation. But you can do it! You just have to really want to do it, and if you keep making excuses than you won't succeed!

Maybe your goal is to lose weight. Last year I resoluted to lose weight, I set my mind to it & I lost 30 pounds. I previously was doing a series called Weigh In Wednesday where I shared tips on how to lose weight. **If you are a reader interested in reading more weight loss tips, please leave a comment below because I am debating on if I should continue sharing tips on how to lose weight. Thank you.
Did you spend more money in 2008 than you wanted to?Maybe your goal for 2009 is to Make & Stick to a Budget. If so, your in the right place because I thought I'd share a few easy tips on how to do just that!
Set a Budget. Setting a budget can help to keep you from overspending. Setting a budget can also help you to achieve your financial goals for now & for the future.
When setting your budget try to be realistic, and don't forget to budget in for Fun things. Being on a budget will seem tough sometimes, and there probably will be sacrifices. But you shouldn't completely deprive yourself. It is the same concept when your trying to lose weight. You will still need to allow yourself an occasional snack. It's all about portion control. For instance it's okay to eat 2 oreos, not a whole package of oreos. If you deprive yourself you won't stay committed. You'll end splurging and ruining it, then you'll feel guilty & quit. The same goes for your budget, you'll need to allow fun things, or you might blow it. Like I've said before I'm not an expert, just an average stay at home mom, so I hope that all this makes sense. Anywhoo--
*Frugal.Net shares step by step directions how to set up a budget HERE.
*$aving makes Cents shares how much money you should be spending on groceries HERE.
*Mommy Snacks explains how she uses a spreadsheet to track her savings HERE.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not set aside some time this weekend to set up your budget!
Do you have any tips to add? If so, please leave a comment & share. Comments are my fuel!

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