Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coupon Preview & Reminder

This week we should be getting 1 Smart Source insert, and 1 Red Plum insert. Go HERE to view the full list of expected coupons.

Here are a few coupon worth mentioning...

*Banana Nut cheerios $.50 off- This coupon could double at Kroger or Meijer, making for cheap cereal if it goes on sale.
*$.50 off Chex mix- These go on sale occasionally at Meijer and with this coupon you could get them Free.
*$.75 off Colgate- Cheap toothpaste at Walgreens or CVS, when its on sale.
*$.75 off Dentyne Gum- This coupon doubles at Meijer and Kroger, cheap or free gum
*$. 50 Fiber One cereal and pastries-The pastries are good, I've never had the cereal.
*Soy Joy bars B1G1 free-These are yummy, and I've been able to get these bars free at CVS.
*Hillshire lunch meat any $.55 off
*Hostess snack cakes any $.50 off
*Kelloggs Pop Tarts $1/2
*Kelloggs cereal $.70 off

**As a reminder, you can get the Sunday paper for $1 each at your local "Deals" store, or "Dollar Tree". This week the Sunday newspaper is also on sale for $.99 at Kroger!I always recommend getting an even number of newspapers, because of BOGO sales ect. (minimum 2 newspapers a week)

So, How many newspapers will I buy?
This doesn't seem to be a huge week for me, so I'll only be getting 2 papers.

How many newspapers do you plan on buying this week?

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