Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Savings Summary

Here's how my shopping went for the week of 2/8 through 2/15/09. Please follow my blog to keep up with all of my coupon match-ups for maximum savings!

This week I went to Kroger twice. To view my first trip go Here.
My 1st trip amt. spent: $35.97, amt. saved: $54.43.
Second trip amt. spent (pic above) $3.44, amt.saved $18.74 (71%)

CVS and Walgreens pictured together. We'll do CVS first. Amt. spent: $6.76 Amt. saved:$29.33. ECB's earned $10.
Walgreen's Amt. Spent: $7.32, Amt. saved: $24.99, however I received a $6 RR and will file for rebate # 28 to get back $6 + 10% on a Walgreens gift card.

Last but not Least I got everything in this picture from Meijer for $27.81. Amt. saved $71.60. I also received a cat for $3.50 off my next purchase for buying 5 boxes of Chex Mix bars/Fiber One bars. I also got lots of Catalina coupons!
Grand Total spent: $81.30 (under my $100 a week budget)
Amt saved: $199.09
I share my savings at The New Frugal Mom, Money Saving Mom, and The Centsible Sawyer. Go visit them to see how other Bloggers have saved!
How'd you do this week? Please leave a comment below & share! I love to hear from my readers!
Thank you for reading!

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