Thursday, March 26, 2009

B1G1 Free Coke at Walgreens with My Coke Rewards

Are you a My Coke Rewards member? If not, Here's how it works....
1. Sign up to become a My Coke Rewards member Here. It's so easy to sign up!
2. Enter codes from participating Coke products, such as 2 liters, 12-packs, and inside 20 oz. bottles, and powerade bottles. There are not codes for Powerade zero though! There is now a limit of entering 120 points per week, instead of 10 per day like in the past.
3. Turn the points into rewards! There are a lot of rewards to pick from including coupons for Coke products, and even coupons for Blockbuster!

Now that you are a My Coke Rewards member, enter this code 100869373819. Don't copy and paste this code, you will need to manually type it in. This code will allow you a printable coupon for B1G1 free 20 oz. Coke product at Walgreens! There is also a free entry for American Idol/Walgreens sweepstakes.


  1. And if you use this coupon at Walgreens next week, they have a "Buy 20oz Coke and get a free Hershey candy bar". So you will get (2) cokes and (2) candy bars for the price of one 20oz coke!!!

  2. I am a my coke rewards member, but I had no idea you could get free coupons like this B1G1 for Walgreens. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Thank you for the tip Tracey! I'll have to save my coupon for next week then!


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