Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coupon Preview & Reminder

We should be getting 1 Smart Source insert and 1 Red Plum insert this week. Go HERE to view the full expected list. Please keep in mind that the coupons do sometimes vary depending on the region that you are in.

Coupons to Note:

*Frito Lay baked snacks $.55 off (doubles to $1 off, combine with sale for inexpensive snacks)
*Airwick coupons (possible cheap/free products w/sale)
*Betty Crocker fruit snacks $.50/2 (Good coupon to have, if you combine with sale)
*Fiber One Bars $.50 off (doubles for cheap product after sale)
*Purex laundry soap and fabric softener coupons (When doubled & w/sale cheap laundry soap)
*Tyson anytizers, and bagged frozen product $1 off (combine w/Meijer frozen foods coupons for a good deal on these)
*Welch's Aqua Juice $.75 off (doubles to $1 off at Kroger or Meijer. Combine with the B1G1 free coupon in my box on the left sidebar, for a better deal on juice.)
*Garnier haircare $1 off (combine w/sale at Walgreen or CVS for inexpensive haircare)
*Hefty Waste bags $1 off (I haven't seen this coupon in awhile)
*Scotch Brite Nail saver sponge $.50 off (I have gotten these free with this coupon after sale & coupon doubling at Kroger in the past.)

**As a reminder, you can get the Sunday paper for $1 each at your local "Deals" store, or "Dollar Tree". This week I'm not sure if the Sunday newspaper is still on sale for $.99 at Kroger, I will go there first to check! I always recommend getting an even number of newspapers, because of BOGO sales ect. (minimum 2 newspapers a week)

So, How many newspapers will I buy?
It is not an awesome week for coupons again! I would say that I'd probably get 2-4 newspapers this week. The only coupon that I'm even the least bit excited about is the Tysons coupons because my kids love the chicken nuggets, chicken fries, and chicken patties. My youngest son, Evan would probably live off of chicken nuggets if I let him! LOL!

How many papers do you plan on getting this week? Please leave a comment & share!

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