Saturday, March 28, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

Here's my Savings summary for the week of March 22nd through March 28th 2009-

Spent $3.73 (on gift card, no OOP) Saved: $37.86 However I will get back $2 rebates for Pledge. Kroger:
Trip #1 (not pictured) Spent: $7.82 Saved: $2.44
Trip #2- Spent: $21.33 Saved: $32.51 Meijer
Trip #1 (not pictured) Spent: $8.20 Saved: $27.60-got cereal,pop tarts, free milk, and more.
Trip #2- Spent: $18.16 Saved: $54.58

Grand Totals:
Total amt. Spent: $55.51 (not including Walgreens amt.on gift card)
Total amt. Saved: $154.99

I share my savings at MSM. Check out how others have saved!

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