Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekly Savings Summary

Another not so exciting week for me, just bought the basics that my family needs. Here the run down....
First trip was on Sunday just for my Sunday papers. Total: $5.97 Saved $0
Trip pictured above: Spent $26.04 Saved: $44.11. (19 items)

Walgreens: Nothing exciting for me. My store was already sold out of all the goodies! I was still able to get a few things that my family needed.
Spent: $5.47 Saved: $8.80 (6 items)

Meijer: Spent $37.00 Saved: $34.65 (32 items)

Spent: $5.17 Saved: $8.36 (7 items)

CVS : Spent $4.94 Saved: $23.44
items to note: My CVS substituted the CVS mouthwash for the act that was on sale. I still received a $1 ecb for that. And I didn't receive any ecbs for the Clean & Clear-Bummer:(
But DH needed face wash anyhow.
*Grand Total spent this week: $84.59
Total Saved this week: $119.36
(70 items purchased)
How'd you do this week? Leave a comment & share, or if you have a post, leave a link!
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