Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's April & we have started our garden! We planted seeds into Solo cups w/ soil and when it gets warmer outside we will plant them in our Garden. Though DH loves Gardening and does most of the work, it's a fun activity for the whole family! There are many reasons to start your own Garden! Don't have room to grow a garden in your back yard? Maybe you could consider a Container Garden. The Thrifty Mama has the details HERE!

I plan on keeping you all updated all summer long about my Garden!

1. Gardening saves you money! When you grow your own produce, it's cheaper than buying all the veggies at the Grocery store! And we always have so much that we share our veggies with friends & family!

2. Gardening gives you dose of nature! Spending time outdoors gives you health benefits such as a dose of fresh air, and sunlight. (best source of vitamin D) Vitamin D has been proven to also give you mental & emotional benefits. So if your feeling down, or stressed out Gardening could make you feel better!

3. Gardening is a Great Workout! Gardening will help you to burn calories from all that digging, pulling weeds, hoeing, and toting water! Get your kids involved too! Have a Weeding contest! Have each child pick and pull one type of weed. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and whoever pulls the most weeds after 15 minutes wins!

4. Gardening stimulates Kids brains. Teaching your kids about gardening, bugs, composting, photosynthesis and more is a science lesson without the books, grades, and homework!

5. Gardening makes Healthy Eating Fun & It adds Nutrition to your diet! Nothing taste better than vegetables picked fresh from your own Garden! Even selective eaters find it hard to resist the fun of nibbling something straight off of the plant. And they are more likely to try something if they know that they helped to grow it! Kids and adults are more likely to receive the Daily recommended Allowance for fruits/veggies (5 to 9 servings daily) if they are available often which is what happens when you can conveniently go out to your garden & pick your own fresh veggies!

Some Veggies, Fruits, and Herbs that we are growing
-Green Beans
-Summer Squash/yellow
-Green Onions
-Green Peppers
-Fajita Peppers
-Jalapeno Peppers
-Red Peppers
-Tabasco peppers
and more.....

6. Gardening Boosts your mood! Flowers in your Garden are proven to boost your mood!
Some Fun flowers to grow...

*Sunflowers are fun to grow with your kids! They love to grow flowers that get taller than Mom & Dad! I personally love Sunflowers!

*Lavender! Another one of my personal favorites! It has a wonderful fragrance & is proven to fight stress and is a natural sleep aid. I have a lavender garden and I love it! It might be hard to grow lavender from the seed, but we are still trying. Though last year our local "Greenhouse" was selling plants for 50% off and we purchased 3 Lavender plants. Which is another good option. Later this summer, once my Lavender starts blooming again, I plan on having a post about all the things that you can make out of Lavender!

Do you have a garden? Do you have any gardening tips that you'd like to share? Also please feel free to leave gardening post links in the comments section! I love to hear from my readers!

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