Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super Saving Saturday Summary

This is my no picture version of my weekly savings. To be completely honest, this week I've been very busy getting ready for my sons birthday party (btw, I will share his birthday party sometime next week!) I didn't even get to do the bulk of my shopping until last night after dinner. When I got home I just had too much to do & I was just too tired to separate and take pictures of everything. I also wanted to share why I do my savings summary every week. It's not to brag. I just share to help encourage others, that with a little effort anyone can save a lot of money! By following my blog, and/or other money saving blogs, it makes it easier for you and all you have to do is buy Sunday newspapers & follow the blogs and before you know it you'll be saving hundreds of dollars too!

Amt. Spent $14.85 OOP
Amt. Saved $60.04
Amt. Spent of gift card (no oop) $10.02
Amt Saved $46.77
Total Amt. saved at Walgreens $106.81
Somethings that I purchased...
(4) 12 packs of Diet Pepsi products
Black & Color Ink Cartridge refills
(2) Listerine (big bottles)
(2) Dawn
(2) Coke Zero 20 oz.
(2) Reece's PB cups
(2) Reynolds wraps
(2) Glade Soy candles
(2) 4 packs of Scotts bath tissue
(3) bottles of shaving cream
(12) packages of Mentos gum
and Easter Candy!
For all this I paid less than it would've cost me for the ink refills alone at regular price! Also I still have $9 in RR to use next time and I will get back a $7.50 + 10% rebate for the ink refills.
Have I ever told you that I love Walgreens!

Spent: $7.76
Saved: $30.46
Though I still have $7.99 ECBs to roll next time. The OOP was kinda high this week, due to purchasing Easter candy!

Spent: $42.65
Saved: $28.86
Nothing exciting this week here. Just purchased some non- negotiate items such as milk, produce, meat, and items for my sons birthday party.

Spent: $14.14
Saved: $15.53
Free Toaster scrambles, snuggle, Tysons chicken, Pam spray, and more.

Grand Total Spent: $79.40
Grand Total Saved: $181.48

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