Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

Here's my Weekly Savings Summary!

First stop CVS! Wow CVS! I was able to get everything pictured above for only $1.09!
Whoo-hoo! I Love shopping trips like this!
Amt Spent OOP: $1.09
Amt Saved: $78.45
and I still have $11.49 ECB's for next time!
(The shopping bag, and candy were filler items, so I could use my ECB's)
Next Stop, Walgreens!
Amt. Spent OOP: $2.70
Amt. Saved: $22.69
And I Have $12 RR for next time!
At Krogers I had to pick up a few things we needed, some freebies, lots of meat, and produce.
I'm Lovin the Pink reusable bag that was Free!
Amt. Spent: $44.63
Amt. Saved: $40.15 Last but not least- Meijer!
Amt. Spent: $24.66
Amt. Saved: $44.74

Grand Total Amt. Spent: $83.29
Grand total Amt. Saved: $189.49

I share my savings at MSM. Check out how others have saved!

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  1. I LOVE Your Pink Kroger bag! I want one! I haven't seen any of those around here yet.


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