Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Tag Is On!!!

I got tagged yesterday by Kingdom Klipper HERE Be sure to go over and read her story! This will be Fun!

The Rules:
Share a story on your blog from when you were first learning to use coupons.Tag -3 other bloggers, then go leave a comment on their site letting them know they were tagged, with a link back to your post! Make sure to include a link in your post back to the person who tagged you first!

My Story:
One time just after a few months of serious couponing, I was shopping at my local Kroger store. I was cruising down the aisles with my Coupon Binder stocked full. There were two women in an aisle gabbing when I walked by. I heard one of the women say, "Did you see that? Go follow her." I just kept browsing when the women approached me. She asked me, "Are all those coupons?" I said, yeah. She asked, " Where did you get all those coupons?" I replied by telling her that I mostly get my coupons out of Sunday newspapers & that I buy several each week. But that I also get coupons from the Internet, blinkie machines, tear pads, and peelies. She was astonished with my Coupon Binder! Later after I was done shopping, I was waiting in line to check out. The woman that approached me earlier actually got in line behind me & said I've got to see this. I just giggled. Though, I was still a newbie, and secretly nervous. Finally it was my turn, and the cashier rang up all my goodies. My total was around $70. Then I handed over my huge stack of coupons, with shaking hands. When the cashier told me that my total $5.XX, her mouth dropped. And the lady behind me was very surprised! Before I knew it about 3 cashiers, and 1 bagger was talking about it, and the lady in line behind me was telling the person behind her! I walked out of the store with a permanent smile pasted on my face. And I've been addicted to "couponing" ever since!

Now I'm going to Tag:
The New Frugal Mom
Cincinnati Cents
Coupon Nerd

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