Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gardening Update: Strawberries Galore!!!

Our Strawberry garden is doing awesome this year! Here's a pic above of my silly daughter standing in front of our strawberry patch! She loves Strawberries and eats at least a handful of them everyday! Nothing else in the garden is ready yet, but it will be soon!

Here's a pic of some of the strawberries that we picked today! We've already picked about 150 strawberries so far. Yeah, DH has a notebook and is keeping count of everything this year! It looks like we'll be eating lots of strawberry shortcakes, strawberry pies, strawberry smoothies, and Homemade strawberry ice cream!!! Do you know of any more great strawberry recipes? Please Leave a comment below and share!
How's your garden doing so far? Please leave a comment & share! If you have a blog post please feel free to leave your link in the comments section!


  1. Strawberry Freezer Jam. It's super easy to make.

  2. When my strawberry patch goes nuts, I wash and trim them, then freeze them in ziplocs to use later in fruit smoothies- because the strawberries are frozen you don't have to use as much ice. YUMMY!

  3. Shayleen-Thanks for freezer jam idea! I will try that for sure!

    Anonymous- Thats exactly what I'll do! My family loves strawberry smoothies, they are yummy!

    Thanks for the comments, I love to hear from my readers!!!


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