Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Target Deals & Question for my readers!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you've probably noticed that I don't normally post Target deals. I usually only make a shopping trip to Target if there are several good deals that benefit my family. This week is one of those weeks that I'd like to try to make a trip to Target.

Here's the Deal--
First off I have a question for my readers! Would you like me to post Target deals on a more regular basis? And the BIG question - Have you ever had any problems with Target coupons at Target? Well, one of the main reasons that I don't shop at Target is because I always have coupon problems! I have no problem with them combining a Target coupon with a MQ, but I always have a problem with the Target coupons scanning! Has anyone else out there experienced this problem? I always go to a FULL CUP Target Coupon Generator. And the coupons won't scan. So then the cashier has to manually type in each and every one of my Target coupons. She usually gets frustrated and a lot of times declines the coupons, I walk out frustrated and the cashier is frustrated too! Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for me?

Here's the deal I plan on trying this week:

Buy 5 boxes of Poptarts for $2.33 ea.
Use (2) $1/2 MQ's from 4/5 RP
and use (5) $.50 off Target coupons
Get back a $5 gift card
Final price = $.43 per box after coupons & Gift card

I also really like the Bliss candy bars!
They are $.99 ea. (by the checkout)
Use $1 Target coupon
Final price = Free

*Axe shower gel $1 ea. (trial size)
Use $1 MQ from 4/5
Final price = Free

*Johnsons Buddies soaps around $1 ea.
Use $1 MQ from 3/8 or 4/26
Final price = Free

*Johnson & Johnson small first aid kits around $1 ea. (trial size)
Use $1 MQ from 5/17
Final price = Free

*Banana boat sunblock trial size $1 ea.
Use $1 MQ from 5/3 SS
Final price = Free

Find more deals at It's Hip To Save. But remember prices vary by region!


  1. I work at Target and I recently asked my manager about coupons. She told me that Target does not have to accept any coupon that doesn't scan. Just in case it's not valid. I think it stinks too for the record. BTW I NEVER have any trouble with the one from

  2. I have had problems with the Target coupons. Normally, it is because there is a limit of one coupon per transaction. So I have to break up my purchases.


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