Monday, May 4, 2009

Walmart 101

Here are some Tips to help you to maximize your savings at Walmart!

Walmart's Corporate coupon policy is available HERE! Make sure to print it & keep it with you while shopping at Walmart!

Make sure to note that Walmarts prices vary by store, and/or region. I try to post Walmart deals, but because the prices by store vary so much, sometimes it's hard to do coupon match-ups, and deals.

Walmart DOES NOT:

*Double coupons. You will only get the face value of the coupon off. Because of this I typically only use coupons that are $1 off or more.
*Walmart Does Not have store coupons (no stacking coupons, just one coupon per item).
*They also do not have gift card deals, No Catalina's either.

Manufacturer Coupons:

Walmart accepts manufacturer coupons, and  printable coupons. In order to be in compliance with the coupon policy, coupons must read "manufacturer coupon" across the top, have an expiration date, and a scannable bar code. Printable coupons can be printed in black and white. Walmart will not accept print at home coupons that do not require a purchase.

Tip: Walmart has no limit to the amount of coupons per transaction. However, if you are redeeming 40 or more coupons in one transaction, then the manager will have to manually approve it.

Competitor Coupons:

Walmart will accept (some) Competitor Coupons that specify a price for a certain item. Walmart will not accept a competitor coupon for a cents/dollars off or a percentage off. Ask your store for a list of those whom they consider local competitors. Walmart only accepts one coupon per item, so you can not stack a competitors coupon with a manufacturers coupon. Walmart will accept Buy One, Get One Free competitor coupons for items with a specified price.

For Example, if you see a Walgreen's store coupon in their ad, then Walmart will match it as long as it states the price.

 Walmart Accepts (some) Catalina Coupons

Walmart does not have a catalina coupon machine system in their stores. However, they will accept catalina coupons printed from other store locations. They must be manufacturer coupons (labeled at the top of the coupon) for a specific price off of a specific item. They will not accept drugstore rewards or Catalina coupons for a dollar off amount off of the shopping trip total.

Roll back

Shopping at Walmart really isn't difficult. You just need to use coupons on their "Roll back" deals to get the most savings. However, the only way to know what is on "Roll Back" in your region, is to visit your local store.

Price Match

Walmart does price matching. You can see their ad matching guarantee here.

If you have a current competitor's sales ad & you bring it into Walmart, they will match the price & you will get the cheaper price at the register. Let the cashier know that you are doing a price match before they ring up the item, because they will need to manually type in the price. They will only price match if a specific item and price is listed. They will also price match Buy One, Get One Free only if their is a specific price. For example, Buy 1 at $2, Get One Free). Walmart will not price match a "gimmick sale" such as Spend $25, Get $5 off. They will not price match a rain check either. If you have questions about price matching, then please ask your store manager.

You can also still use a coupon when price matching.


Walmart does allow overage. This means that you could possibly receive money back if your coupons exceed the purchase price.

Tip: If you purchase a trial size item, with an applicable coupon you can get overage towards the rest of your order, or money back. For example only: If you purchase a trial size packet of Tide laundry soap for $.99, and use a coupon for $2 off ANY Tide, you would get $1 overage!

More Questions:

Do you have any questions?
Please ask your local store manager
or Contact Customer Service or Call  1-800-Walmart (1-800-925-6278)

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