Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coupon Insert Preview

We are only getting 1 Smart Source insert this week! But looks like there are some good coupons! Go Here to view the full expected list!

Remember that the inserts vary by region. If you are planning on purchasing several newspapers just for the coupons, remember that they are not guaranteed! Check each newspaper to make sure that the inserts are there, and even flip through the inserts if you are looking forward to a particular coupon, before buying them.

Good Coupons to Note:

*A1 Steak sauce $2 off - Get this inexpensive/Free after this coupon & sale. Or reg. price at Walmart for the small bottle is very inexpensive.

*John Freida Root awakening $3 off - High value coupon, could possibly go well with a good sale at CVS or Walgreens

*Kotex Pads $1 off - Combine this coupon with a good sale.

*Kraft BBQ sauce $.75 off - Get this Free/very inexpensive with this coupon and sale!

*Nestle Frozen $1/2 - This would go well with a sale, or a Bogo sale.

*Listerine coupons - Good for sales at CVS or Walgreens

*Midol coupons - I haven't seen these coupons in a very long time. Save these for a sale.

*Miracle Whip $1 off -Another good coupon to have for a good sale.

*Oreo Cakesters $1 off - These are sooo yummy, and this is a great coupon to have. Normally the coupons are for $1/2, so this is a definite must have!

*Purex Complete 3-in-1 $2 off - This is a new product (I can't wait to try it!) and this is a High value coupon. I'm sure that this will be on sale all over the place!

*Mighty Dog FREE can or save $1 off a case - Free coupons are GREAT to have! Who doesn't like Free? Maybe my dog will like this stuff, we'll have to try it since its Free!

*Reach toothbrush/Reach Floss coupons - Good for a sale.

*Schick Quattro $4 off - Great coupon for a sale, get this very inexpensive!

*Spray N Wash $.50 off

I always recommend getting an even number of newspapers, because of BOGO sales ect. (minimum 2 newspapers a week) I also recommend checking each insert before purchasing several- you are not guaranteed coupon inserts and this preview varies by region!

Do you know of anywhere to get inexpensive Sunday Newspapers? Please leave a comment & share!

I'm hoping that newspapers are still only $1.25 ea. at Kroger!

I would say 4-6 newspapers this week! Because we go through A-1 sauce (its great on grilled out hamburgers) and the cakesters, and Free mighty dog food coupons alone definitely pays for 1 newspaper.

How many papers do you plan on getting? Leave a comment & share!

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  1. Thanks for the preview.

    My dollar store often has the Sunday paper. I don't know if they have a deal with the local or what, but they only charge $1 for it.


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