Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coupon Insert Preview

We should be getting 1 Smart Source & 1 Red Plum insert this week! To view the full preview go Here!

Remember that the inserts vary by region. If you are planning on purchasing several newspapers just for the coupons, remember that they are not guaranteed! Check each newspaper to make sure that the inserts are there, and even flip through the inserts if you are looking forward to a particular coupon, before buying them.

Good Coupons to note:

*Aquafresh toothpaste $1 off - Get possible Free or very inexpensive toothpaste with sale & this coupon.

*Bounty Paper towels $.50 off - Single rolls go on sale for $1 ea very often, with this coupon it would be Free!

*French's mustard $1/2 - This goes on sale for $1 ea. very often, making for inexpensive mustard.

*Hormel peperoni $1/2 - I like these coupons for when we make homemade pizza's.

*Huggies Diapers, Overnight Diapers, and Huggies baby wipes coupons - Always good to have diaper coupons on hand if you have a little one!

*Iam's premium protection dog food $2 off - If you feed your dog Iam's, I haven't seen any Iams coupons in awhile.

*International Delights creamer $1/2- Not a high value coupon, but if your a coffee nut like I am then you'll take any creamer coupons!

*Kraft salad dressing $1 off - Get cheap salad dressing

*Mentos gum , $.55 off and $1 off - Get possible Free gum with this coupon!!

*Oscar Meyer hot dogs $1/2 - This one is a good coupon to have for inexpensive hot dogs!

*Oxi clean coupons- Haven't seen these in awhile

*Oust $2/2- Get this inexpensive with a sale

*Pam cooking spray $1/2

*Rediwhip $1/2

*Starbucks Ice cream $2 off - I've never tried this yet, maybe it'll go on sale!

*Sugar any $2 off wyb 10 Kool-aid packets! If Kool-aid goes on sale, this could be a great coupon!

*Garnier coupons

*Good Life recipe pet treats

*Nivea Free coupons wyb My Silhouette or Goodbye cellulite - This would go well with an ECB deal at CVS, or RR deal at Walgreens

*Nesquick $1/2 - Good coupon to have for a Sale!

I always recommend getting an even number of newspapers, because of BOGO sales ect. (minimum 2 newspapers a week) I also recommend checking each insert before purchasing several- you are not guaranteed coupon inserts, and also as a reminder, the coupon values can vary by region. For instance I might get a coupon for $.55/1 and you get the coupon for $1/2.

Do you know of anywhere to get inexpensive Sunday Newspapers? Please leave a comment & share!

I'm hoping that newspapers are still only $1.25 ea. at Kroger!

I would say 4-6 newspapers this week!
There are several coupons this week that will benefit my family, though most are for $1/2 :(

How many newspapers do you plan on purchasing this week?

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