Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coupon Insert Preview

This week we should be getting 1 Smart Source and 1 Red Plum insert! Go Here to view the full expected list!Remember that the inserts vary by region. If you are planning on purchasing several newspapers just for the coupons, remember that they are not guaranteed! Check each newspaper to make sure that the inserts are there, and even flip through the inserts if you are looking forward to a particular coupon, before buying them.

Best Coupons to Note:

*Bandaids $.50 off
*Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix $.75/2 - Good coupon if these go on sale for $1 ea. or great for Kroger's Daytona 500 promo this week
*Betty Crocker Warm delights bowls $.50- These go on sale often, and they are very good!
*Chex Mix Bars - Great coupon for when these go on sale!
*Bic Soleil handle or refills $3 off - great coupon with a sale at CVS or Walgreens
*Several Chinet coupons - Great to have for a sale
*Colgate coupons $.75 off - Possible free or very inexpensive toothpaste
*Kraft Mac N Cheese B3G1 Free - Great coupon to have!
*Dole canned pineapple $.50/3 - Good for when these go on sale for $1 ea.
*Glass Plus $.50 off
*Hersheys bars 6 pk $1/2- Great for making smores!
*Neosporin $.50 off
*Off clip on repellent $2 off, or $1 off refill
*Pert plus coupons
*Planters nuts $1/2 - Great coupon for a B1G1 Free sale
*Sure coupons - Save for when they go on sale, which happens often
*Target coupon for Pampers diapers & wipes - Remember that a Target coupon can be stacked with a regular manufacturer coupon for more savings!
*Swiss Tea $1 off Gallon
*StayFree B1G1 free up to $6.99
*Tums coupons
*Viva paper towels
*Ball Park Franks $1/2 - Great with a B1G1 free sale
*Degree and Dove coupons
*Ideal 50 ct packets FREE - Everyone loves Free, right!
*Loreal Kids Shampoo $.75 off
*Lipton Tea Bags
*Nestle Coffeemate creamer $.50 off - I am a coffee junkie and I have to have creamer so whenever I see these coupons I get super Happy!!!!
There are a lot more coupons make sure to check the preview!

I always recommend getting an even number of newspapers, because of BOGO sales ect. (minimum 2 newspapers a week) I also recommend checking each insert before purchasing several- you are not guaranteed coupon inserts, and also as a reminder, the coupon values can vary by region. For instance I might get a coupon for $.55/1 and you get the coupon for $1/2.

Do you know of anywhere to get inexpensive Sunday Newspapers? Please leave a comment & share!

I'm hoping that newspapers are still only $1.25 ea. at Kroger!

I would say 6-8 newspapers this week! There are a lot of good coupons this week and I am especially happy for the coffee creamer coupons!

How many newspapers do you plan on purchasing this week? Please leave a comment & share!

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