Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kroger Update - Coupon Booklet Alert!

Sorry about the bad picture!

While I was at Kroger, I spotted this awesome coupon booklet! It was located at a center display at my local store! Make sure to be on the lookout for this coupon booklet, it is loaded with coupons! These are manufacturer coupons so they can be used at any store, but with the huge 50% off event on July 30th, they might come in handy! In the booklet there is also the Fuel for School official Mail-In Rebate form!

Some of the coupons include:
*Save $2 on milk wyb 2 packages of keebler graham cracker and/or Sandwich bites
*Save $2 on milk wyb 2 packages of keebler cookies and/or grips
*Save $2 on fruit wyb 2 packages of Eggo frozen waffles
*Save $2 on Store brand coffee wyb 2 packages of Nurt-grain bars
*Save $2 on Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice wyb 2 packages of Kellogg's Frosted Mini wheats or Raisin Bran
*Save $2 on store brand bread wyb 2 packages of Kelloggs fruit snacks and/or Yogo's
*Save $2 on a gallon of milk wyb 2 packages of Keebler and/or Sunshine Right Bites
*Save $2 on Store brand bread wyb 2 packages of Rice Krispies treats
*Save $2 on 12-24 pack of Store brand bottled water wyb one package of Kellogg's Special K cereal and 1 package of Special K protein product
*Save $2 on 2-2liters of Sprite or Sprite zero wyb 2 packages of Cheez-its
*Save $2 on fresh fruit wyb 2 packages of Keebler or Austin sandwhich crackers
*Save $2 on Dannon danimals crush cups or Danimals smoothies wyb any 2 packages of Kellogg's cereals.

Also, you can find these printables at!
*Save $.75 off Keebler Grahams cracker sandwich bites
*Save $1/2 Keebler Club crackers
*Save $1 on Kelloggs Cinnabon bars
*Save $.75 off Sunshine Cheez-its whole Grain baked snack crackers

For more Kroger deals go Here!

Have you found any more great coupons for the 50% promo on July 30th at Kroger? Please leave a comment & share! I love to hear from my readers!


  1. Thanks for the great info. I have been to our local Kroger twice, without any luck...
    Where exactly did you find this coupon book? Was it on a particular display, by a certain product, etc?

  2. It was on a product display with Kelloggs/Keebler products, it was in the center of a main aisle. I'm so sorry your having a hard time finding it! Maybe your Kroger will put it out eventually? Good Luck!


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