Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Walmart Deals

There are a few good deals this week at Walmart! Here are the highlights:

*Huggies clean team wipes are now called " Pull ups wipes."
Buy the small package for $1.64 ea.
Use the $3/2 MQ from 7/19 SS insert
Final price = $.14 ea.

*Starbucks Ice Cream is $2.50 ea.
Use $2 MQ from 6/21 SS
Final price = $.50 ea. ( The mocha frappuccino is so good!)

*Breyers yogurt cups $.54 - $.63 ea.
Use $1/2 printable Here (looks like this coupon has reached the print limit?)
Final price = $.17 for both (The final price depends on which ones you buy, this is what I paid)

*Alpo Dog Food 6 pk. $3.87
Use $3.50 printable Here
Final price = $.37 ea.

* Spiral notebooks 1 subject 70 sheets only $.05 ea. (I bought 20 for $1)
*Crayola crayons 24 ct only $.15 ea.
*Elmer's school glue only $.15 ea.
*Copy paper $2.50

More Deals:

*Nestle water 6 pack $1 ea. (In the dollar aisle)
Use $1 printable Here
Final price = FREE
(my store was out of these, I'll be going back soon to look again!)

*Nestle Water 20 pk $3 ea.
Use $1.50 printable Here
Final price = $1.50 ea.
(The 24 pack of water is $3.98)

*Hefty Storage bags $1 ea.
Use $1 MQ from 5/17
Final price = FREE

*Angel Soft toilet paper only $.84 ea. for a 4 roll pack

More school supply deals I spotted:

* 10 ct #2 pencils $.50 ea.
*Pencil sharpener $.75 ea.
*Paper mate ink pens 10 ct $1 ea.
*Bic pens - different varieties $1 ea. (round and crystal)
*Pencil boxes $.62 - $1 ea.
*5" soft handle scissors $.74 ea
*Rulers $.35 - $.97 ea.
*12 ct. Crayola colored pencils $1 ea.
*10 ct. Crayola markers $1 ea.
*Folders w/ prongs $.15 ea.
*Glue sticks $.25 ea.
*Index cards 3X5 $.44 ea.
*2 ct. pink erasers or eraser pencil toppers $1 ea.

*Go Here for a lot more deals!

Total I spent w/ tax: $7.78

Total I saved w/ coupons: $14.50

*Please remember that Walmart's prices do vary by store. Also don't forget to bring along Walmart's corporate coupon policy Here. If a cashier says they won't take Internet coupons just show them the policy!

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