Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back To School....

Tears swelled in my eyes this morning as my oldest son, Ethan (10 yrs) waved good-bye to me and headed to catch the bus at 7:15 am this morning! Why-you say?
  • Today was his first day of 5th Grade! That means, he's at the Big Kids' school now! He's at the Intermediate/Middle School! I wanted to walk him to his bus stop at the corner this morning & he wouldn't let me! He says, That's embarrassing & that I'd be the only Mom there! It just breaks my heart-- My baby is all grown up. And it makes me feel old!
  • I think I was more nervous than he was! All the new good stuff like Locker combinations, and he's playing the trumpet this year!
  • I also think that they were tears of joy- I'm happy that he's grown into such a sweet young man. *Snicker* But was also Happy to get my Mommy break now that school is back in session!
  • When he got home from school, he happily reported to having a very good day at school. Except that he did make a comment about the sappy note that I stuck in his lunch box! He said I embarrassed him! LOL!
My tears didn't end there! My 5 year old Twins had their First day of Kindergarten today too! They were so excited! It wasn't as bad as what I thought though! Last year going to Preschool was practice for us. Kindergarten is only half day (PM) And it's reassuring knowing that they have each other! They have the same teacher & they stick together!

They loved riding the "Big Bus!" And they also reported to having a Really Good Day at school & unlike Ethan- They can't wait to go back again!

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