Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coupon Insert Preview

This week we should be getting 2 Smart Source & 1 Red Plum insert! You can go to Taylortown Here to preview the upcoming coupons, Or The Coupon Clippers! Click on Tracker to view the upcoming coupons! While your there you can order a few of your favorite coupons for a small handling fee!

If you plan on purchasing several newspapers just for the coupons, remember that the inserts vary by region, and remember that they are not guaranteed! Check each newspaper to make sure that the inserts are there, and even flip through the inserts if you are looking forward to a particular coupon, before buying them.

My Favorite coupons to note:

*Airwick Freshmatic Ultra I-motion starter kit $6 off - Save this for a great sale & get these very inexpensive or Free!
*Airwick i-motion starter kit $4 off - Get these cheap/free with this coupon & sale
*Bic Soleil refillable handle or cartridges $3 off - This would go great with a sale at CVS or Walgreens
*Bic stationary products $1/2 - With all the back to school sales going on right now, you could possibly get Free ink pens, or very inexpensive Bic products with this coupon!
*Chinet Lunch 36 or 72 ct $2 off - Get these very inexpensive at Walmart with this coupon, or save it for super doubles at Kmart!
*Colgate Total Advanced $1 off - Cheap/inexpensive toothpaste with this coupon & sale
*Dan Active & Danimals yogurt $1 off - These go on sale often get them for $1 with a sale & this coupon!
*Dole fruit coupons - Always nice to have these coupons
*Glade The Fragrance Collection 2oz Soy Based Candle FREE up to $3.49 - Whoo-Hoo Free candles! This one is great!
*Jello & Kraft Mayo coupons - Good Kraft coupons to have!
*Several Lysol coupons - Save for when these go on sale at Meijer for 1/2 off to get really inexpensive cleaning products!
*Muellers pasta $.55/2
*Nutri-pals 4pk $3 off
*Velveeta shells n cheese cups B1G1 Free
*Velveeta shells n cheese, Deluxe mac and cheese or Easy Mac Box $1/2
*Several Ziplock coupons
*Betty Crocker cookie mix $.40 off - Get these very inexpensive with a sale & coupon
*Betty Crocker fruit flavored shapes $.40 off - Get these inexpensive too!
*Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls $.50 off - Get these inexpensive/Free with this coupon & sale at Meijer or Kroger
*Cheerios snack mix $.50 off - I've seen these go on sale for $1 ea. before making these free after sale & this coupon doubling
*Chex Mix Bars $.50 off - After this coupon doubles, get these inexpensive with a sale
*Fiber One Box Muffin Mix .50
*Hamburger, Tuna, or Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals, any .75 on 3
*Several pillsbury coupons
*Yo-Plus and Yoplait yogurt coupons - Great coupons to have
*Gum toothbrush $.75 off - Get free/cheap toothbrushes with this coupon
*Kraft cheese coupons - Great for a sale!
*Martha White baking mixes $.55/2 - These go on sale for $1 ea. sometimes, making this a good deal with sale & this coupon doubling!
*Nestle Coffee-Mate Stick Pack Carton B1G1F up to $1.29
*Nestle Coffee-Mates Liquid or Powder Creamer - We use coffee creamer on a regular basis, so I Love these coupons!
*Nestle Juicy Juice $1/2 - Good coupon to have!
*Philadelphia cream cheese $1/2
*Several Post it coupons - With all the back to school sales going on, this is a great coupon to have for some cheap post it notes!
*Several Purina coupons for both dogs, and cats - Good to have if you have a pet that uses these products!
*Smuckers Uncrustables Sandwiches .75 - Get these inexpensive with a Back to school sale!

I always recommend getting an even number of newspapers, because of BOGO sales ect. (minimum 2 newspapers a week) I also recommend checking each insert before purchasing several- you are not guaranteed coupon inserts, and also as a reminder, the coupon values can vary by region. For instance I might get a coupon for $.55/1 and you get the coupon for $1/2.

Do you know of anywhere to get inexpensive Sunday Newspapers? Please leave a comment & share!

Sunday Newspapers are on sale this week at UDF for $1.25 ea.

I would recommend stocking up on newspapers this week! I'll probably get between 8-10 newspapers this week! Why so many? There are a lot of great coupons this week! Especially the Free glade candle coupon, it pays for more than one newspaper with just that coupon!

*If you want to save money using coupons, but don't want to purchase several newspapers, or if you purchase a few newspapers but want to have a few extra of your favorite coupons, please consider ordering coupons for a small handling fee from Coupon Clippers or Click here to visit

**Also, don't forget to come back to Tips From A Mom of 3 to see how to maximize your savings using these coupons with my weekly coupon/sale match-ups for CVS,Walgreens, Kroger, and Meijer!

The Coupon Clippers

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  1. I bought my papers at UDF....there were only 2 inserts. This is in the Mason Montgomery area. Is this right or am I missing one...All 4 papers only had 2 in them?

  2. There were 3 inserts in my delivered paper but the ones I bought only had 2 in them. I checked 3 stores in the West Chester/Mason area and all of them were missing the third GM insert.

  3. I bought my papers at UDF and they had all 3 inserts in them! I'm so sorry that you guys had bad luck with yours! That stinks!


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