Saturday, September 26, 2009

Double/Triple Coupon Events! Kmart & Biggs!!!!

Yes! You heard it right! Starting on September 27th through October 3rd Kmart will be doubling coupons again! The last time that the Double coupons were around, there was a rumor that it would be the last coupon event for the year. However, I've heard that they are doing it again! If I hear anything else, I will update! Thanks, CouponNerdz!

Biggs is doing Double/Triple coupons again too! This is so exciting! Overlapping coupon events!
Biggs will be having their couponing event on October 2nd through October 5th! They will triple coupons under 50 cents. Coupons with a face value of 51 cents to $1 off will Double! If I get any more info about this, I'll update! Thanks a ton CouponNerdz!

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