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Kroger Deals 9/14

Sorry this is so late, being a Mom of 3 has gotten the best of me! School is back in full force, and with all the homework, meetings, and after school activities - I've been super busy! Thanks for understanding & here's some Kroger deals!

* If you are a beginner go here to read my tips first. I only post the deals that I believe are the best deals, make sure to check your ad before finalizing your shopping list! Go here to view the ad. For coupon Lingo/abbreviations go Here. As a reminder my local Kroger store (Cincinnati Region) offers unlimited double coupons all the time, coupons $.50 and less will double, coupons $.50 to $1 become $1 off, and coupons $1 and higher are redeemed at face value.

*Convenient printable shopping list Here!

Best Kroger deals wk of 9/14 through 9/20/09-

*10 Item Mega Event! Save $5 instantly at checkout when you buy any 10 participating Kraft or Nestle products in a single transaction using your Shoppers card! No Limit! This offer is valid Sept. 14th through September 27th 2009!

*Lean Cuisine Meals
$2.17 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Use $1/3 MQ from 9/13 RP or $1/3 from June All You mag,
or $2/3 from Sept. All You mag
Final price = varies, $1 - $1.47 ea.

*Digiorno or California Pizza kitchen Pizza $4.47 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Use $1 MQ from 6/14 SS
Final price = $3 ea.

*Kraft Singles, bars, and shreds
$1.99 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Use $1/2 MQ from 8/9 SS (expires 9/15)
Final price = $1 ea.

*Hot, Lean or Croissant pockets
$1.99 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Use $.75/3 MQ from 8/23 RP
Final price = $1.15 ea.

*Nabisco Snack Crackers $2.29 ea.
-.$.50 mega event
Use $1/2 MQ from 8/23 SS insert or
$1 printable Here
$1 printable Flatbread Here
Final price = $.79 - $1.29 ea.

*Philadelphia Cream Cheese
$1.49 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Use $1/2 MQ from 8/9 (expires 9/15)
Final price = $.50 ea.

*Juicy Juice
$2.49 ea.
-$.50 Mega event
Use $.50/2 MQ from 8/9 RP or June All You mag, $1/2 printable Here
or $1/2 from Nestle coupon bookletFinal price= $1.50 ea.

*Edy's or Skinny Cow Ice Cream $2.99 ea.
-$.50 mega event
$1 MQ from 8/23 RP for Edy's
$1 printable Skinny Cow Here
$2/2 MQ for Edy's from Nestle coupon bookletFinal price = $1.50 ea.

*Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Lunch meat $2.99 ea.
-$.50 mega event
$1/2 Kroger mailer
Final price = $1 ea.

*Kraft Easy Mac or Kraft Mac & Cheese Shapes $1 ea.
-$.50 mega event
$.55/2 tearpad coupon from awhile ago if you have this!
Final price = Free - $.50 ea.

*Jello pudding or Gelatin $2.75 ea.
-$.50 mega event
$.60 printable coupon from Coupons.comon my left sidebar
$.60 printable coupon Here
or $.50/2 from 7/26 SS
Final price = $1.25 - $1.75 ea.

*Coffee-mate creamer $2.99 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Use $1 printable Here($1/2 blinkie coupon found at Kroger)$1/2 coupon from Nestle coupon booklet
Final price = $1.49 - $1.99 ea.

*Ritz crackers $2.49 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Use Free Crackerfuls wyb Ritz coupon
Final price = $1.50 ea.

*Nestle Toll House Morsels
-$.50 mega event
$.50 MQ from 9/13 RP
$1/2 from June All You, Nestle coupon booklet or printable Here
Final price = $1 - $1.50 ea.

*Butterfinger, Baby Ruth or Nestle Crunch candy
2 for $5
-$.50 mega event
$1/2 MQ for Nestle Crunch found in Oct. Family Fun mag
Final price = 2 for $3 ($1.50 ea.)

*Laffy Taffy, Nerds or Mix ups Candy 2 /$4
-$.50 mega event
Use $1/2 MQ from Nestle coupon bookletFinal price = $1 ea.

$2.49 ea.
-$.50 mega event
$1 MQ from 8/23, or
$1 printable from my box on the left sidebar
Final price = $1 ea.

*Boost nutritional drink
$6.99 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Use B1G1 free printable Here
and $5 printable Here
Final price = $1.49 for 1 (w/$5 coupon), $1 for 2 w/b1g1 & one $5 coupon

*Oscar Mayer cotto salami, meat or turkey bologna
$1.99 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Final price = $1.49 ea.

*Oscar Mayer Meat or turkey Franks
$1.99 ea.
-$.50 mega event
Use $1/2 MQ from from 8/23 SS
Final price = $1 ea.

*Oscar Mayer fully cooked bacon
-$.50 mega event
Final price = $2.49 ea.

More Deals this week:

*Pop-tarts 12 ct.
$1.98 ea.
Use $.55 MQ from 9/13
Final price = $.98 ea.

*Charmin bath tissue $1.88 ea.
Use $1 MQ from P&G year of savings coupon booklet (no longer available)
or $.25 MQ from 8/30 P&G or Sept. All You mag
Final price = $.88 - $1.38 ea.

*Smithfield bacon $2.50 ea.
Use $3 printable coupon Here
Final price = Free

*Dentyne gum B1G1 Free
I found a B1G1 free blinkie coupon in the candy aisle!!!
$1/3 MQ from 8/30 MQ
Final price = Free, $.40 ea.

*Make sure to check the Kroger August Home mailer for more coupons good for this mega event!

**Also make sure to check all of your Catalina printed coupons, and Kroger mailer coupons to maximize your savings!

*Also don't forget to check for E-coupons at Shortcuts P&G e-savers Cellfire U-promise e-coupons and Bringing Hope to the Table!

Did I miss any Great deals? Please leave a comment & share! I love to hear from my readers!

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