Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kroger Deals wk of 9/8/09

*If you are a beginner go here to read my tips first. I only post the deals that I believe are the best deals, make sure to check your ad before finalizing your shopping list! Go here to view the ad. For coupon Lingo/abbreviations go Here. As a reminder my local Kroger store (Cincinnati Region) offers unlimited double coupons all the time, coupons $.50 and less will double, coupons $.50 to $1 become $1 off, and coupons $1 and higher are redeemed at face value.

*Convenient Printable Shopping List HERE!

Best Deals for the week of Sept. 8th through Sept. 13th 2009 - (Doesn't start till Tuesday due to Labor Day)

*Buy 3 Kelloggs, get 1 Free gallon of milk

*Kelloggs cereals $3 ea.
Use $2/2 MQ from 8/30
Final price = $2 ea.

*Milk $1.98 gallon
*Raspberries $.98
*Ground Chuck $1.69 lb.
*Kroger Cheese $1.25 ea.
*Coca-cola or 7-up 2 liters $1 ea.
*Kroger Bread $1 ea.

*Lots of 10 for $10 mix & match items again this week! Check your ad to check them all out!

*Ball Park Franks $1 ea.
$1/2 MQ from 8/30 RP
Final price = $.50 ea.

*Del Monte Naturals $1 ea.
Use $1/2 MQ from 7/12 RP
Final price = $.50 ea.

*Hunts ketchup $1 ea.
Use $1/2 MQ from All You mag
Final price = $.50 ea.

*Bounty Paper Towels $1 ea.
Use $.25 MQ from 8/30 P&G
Final price = $.50 ea.

*Hefty One Zip Storage Bags $1 ea.
Use $1 MQ from 8/30 RP
$1 printable Here
Final price = FREE

*Tylenol 8 hour $2.99 ea.
Use $2 MQ from 8/23 SS or $2 printableHere
Final price = $.99 ea.

*Reese's $.50 ea.
Use $.55 MQ from 8/23SS
Final price = FREE

*Dial Hand soap $1 ea.
Use $.35 MQ from 8/16 SS
Final price = $.30 ea.

*Brut Deodorant $1 ea.
Use $1 MQ from Sept. All You or $.55 MQ from Aug. All You mag
Final price = FREE

**Also make sure to check all of your Catalina printed coupons, and Kroger mailer coupons to maximize your savings!

*Also don't forget to check for E-coupons at Shortcuts P&G e-savers Cellfire U-promise e-coupons and Bringing Hope to the Table!

Did I miss any Great deals? Please leave a comment & share! I love to hear from my readers!

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