Monday, November 9, 2009

Recipe Binder: How to Organize your Recipes!

I have a Recipe Binder to keep my recipes organized! It is easy to make one!

You'll  need:

  •  A Binder
  •  Divider tabs (I recommend plastic ones)
  •  Plastic protector sheets (opt. but recommended) 
  • and your recipes!

 First, you'll need to label your dividers.

Some suggestions:

Appetizers, Beverages, Breakfast, Casseroles, Deserts, Main dishes, Meats, Pizza's, Sandwich's, Side dishes, Soups/Salads, Slow cooker meals, and Holidays.

After you have your dividers labeled, just add your recipes to the correct section. I also recommend putting special recipes, or recipes used often in page protectors. This will keep your recipes safe while cooking!

I just taped recipes from my small recipe cards onto plain white paper like this. Then I added holes with my hole puncher, or again - slip the page into a page protector.

If you have recipes from a magazine, just cut out the recipe. Tape it or glue it to a white page as pictured above! Add holes or slip it into a page protector.

***Note: After trying several different binders, I have found that I absolutely love the Samsill Antimicrobial Presentation View Binder! It has a special additive that helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and they are my favorite binders!

I also love and highly recommend  Samsill Non-Glare Sheet Protectors .

How do you keep your recipes organized? Leave a comment below!

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