Monday, November 9, 2009

Tips For Beginners:Get Organized with a Plan before heading to the Store!

It is very important to spend a little time to get organized & have a plan before you head to the store! This is a Very important step to help you to save money!
1. First make sure to check out my weekly store coupon/match ups. Make your shopping list by jotting down the deals that you want to take advantage of, or by printing off a shopping list.

2. Print out any coupons from the links on the post that you need before closing it!

3. Pull any coupons that you need from your coupon binder, or clip the coupons that you need.

4. Either paper clip the coupons & shopping list together, or put them into an envelope. I use a small coupon organizer that I bought at the Dollar store just for this purpose.

5. Also make sure to write the number of items that you need of each item on the printable shopping list. For example, my list would look like this...

*Product A $1
Use $1 MQ from x/xx
Final price = Free

I would have this circled, and once I see that I have 6 coupons, I will write a 6 next to it, so that I know to buy 6!

6. As I'm approaching the checkout lane, I always double check that I have all the coupons ready to be handed over, and that I got everything on my shopping list.

7. As far as CVS and Walgreens go, make sure to have your transactions planned before heading out the door! At Meijer if you need to break up transactions, so that all your coupons double, have them organized by Transaction as well.

Planning your shopping trips might take you a few extra minutes, but it will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run!

As you get more comfortable with the whole couponing system, this process will go a lot faster & smoother.

I hope this helped you all! Good Luck!

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