Thursday, November 26, 2009

Walgreens Black Friday Deals + Scenarios!

There are 6 (six) Free after Register Rewards Deals! You can get these deals on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only! If you are a Beginner, this a great time to start, scroll to the bottom for scenario's & tips to help to get you started!

*Aquafresh Cavity Protection toothpaste 8.2 oz. $1.99 ea.
Get back $1.99 RRs
Final price = Free after RRs

*Johnson's soft wash $5.99 ea.
Get back $5.99 RRs
Final price = Free after RRs

*Right Guard Sport antiperspirant/deodorant $2.49 ea.
get back $2.49 RRs
Final price = Free after RRs

*Dove Ultimate Visibly smooth deodorant $3.99 ea.
Get back $3.99 RRs
Use $1 MQ from 10/4 RP
Final price = Free + overage after coupon & RRs

*Infusion 23 Hair care $4.99 ea.
Get back $4.99 RRs
Use $2 MQ from 11/22 SS or Nov. All You magazine
Final price = Free + overage after coupon & RR

*Nivea For Men Shave Gel $2.49 ea.
Get back $2.49 RRs
Use $1 MQ from 10/11 RP insert
Final price = Free + Overage after coupon & RRs

These are all the Free deals, there are more deals, so check your ad!


Transaction #1
Buy Infusium 23 for $4.99
Use $2 coupon
Final price = $2.99 + Tax OOP (out of pocket)
Get back $4.99 RR

Tranaction #2
Buy Dove deodorant for $3.99
Buy Nivea shave gel for $2.49
Buy (1) cheap filler item (as inexpensive as you can find)
Use $1 coupon for Dove
Use $1 coupon for Nivea shave gel
Pay with $4.99 RR from above
Final price = FREE (except cost of filler + tax)
Get back $3.99, and $2.49 RRs

Transaction #3
Buy Aquafresh toothpaste for $1.99
Buy Right Guard deodorant for $2.49
Pay with $3.99 RRs from above
Final price = $.49 plus tax
Get back $1.99 and $2.49 RRs

Transaction #4
Buy Johnson's Softwash for $5.99 ea.
Buy (3) Cow tails for $1 (or any 3 cheap fillers)
Pay with $1.99, $2.49 RRs from above, and $2.49 RR from Trans #2
Final price = 2 cents plus tax OOP
Get back $5.99 RRs

Retail amount that you would have spent for six items: $21.94 (plus cost for fillers & tax)

Total amount that you paid for 6 items: $3.50! (plus costs of fillers & tax)
Plus you still have $5.99 RRs to save for next week or buy something that you need!

*You do not need to leave the store to do all 4 transactions. Just tell your cashier & split them all up. I only do this if no one else is in line. Otherwise, I let the other customers go first, and I wait. If you feel uncomfortable doing them all at once, you can split them up by going to different stores, or shopping on different days, but it's best to get it all done in 1 day at 1 store!

Note: My kids Love when I go to Walgreens, because I always buy "Cow Tails" candy as the "filler item". They are 3/$1 at my local Walgreens store, and they are my kids' favorite!

*If you are a beginner, go here first to read my tips about Walgreen's. For coupon Lingo/abbreviations go Here.

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