Friday, December 18, 2009

FREE Magical Holiday Memories!

Here are a few fun/cute things that I just had to share.....

*Get a Free E-Visit from Santa Claus!
1. First, go Here and click on connect yourself to PCP.
2. Next, click on Start Here
3. Complete the info, and you'll have a FREE personalized video for your kids to watch!

*Another Free personalized video message from Santa Here!

*North Pole News article!
1. First, go HERE!
2. Upload a photo, and names.
3. E-mail or print! Your kids will love this, and it's Free!

*Get a FREE Letter from Santa - Create a Personalized Letter from Santa for your Child!
1. Fill out all of your information!
2. You will be instantly emailed the letter from Santa!
3. Print it out from your home computer.
4. Watch you child's look of amazement on his/her face when she gets a letter from Santa Claus!

*Santa Was Here - This is a super cute idea!
1.Just go HERE and Upload a picture of your Christmas tree, living room, ect.
2.Then add a Santa to your picture.
3.Now, you have proof that Santa was in your Home! You download instantly, and print from your printer! This does cost a small fee of $9.95, with additional photos $.99 ea.

*Santa Tracker - I remember always wondering where Santa was on Christmas Eve! This year we will be keeping an eye on Santa's whereabouts using this cool tool HERE, just choose your language of choice, and you can watch Santa as he travels the world making his deliveries!

*This One is probably one of my kids' all time Favorites! Cincinnati Bell is offering a Free phone call from Santa! We do this every year, and my kids really get a kick out of it!
(I haven't done it yet this year, and my oldest actually asked me today, if I think Santa will call us this year! LOL!)
1. Go Here, and fill out the Info!
2. Within 30 minutes, Santa will call the number you provided!
(I think that this offer is only for Cincinnati Bell customers, but I'm not positive!)
*ELF Yourself! A Personalized funny video!
1. Go Here.
2. Upload a photo.
3. Email to all of your friends/family members!
Christmas countdown banner
Merry Christmas!

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