Monday, January 25, 2010

New Look at Tips From A Mom Of 3!

Tips From A Mom Of 3 is getting a Makeover! Yay! Please be patient as everything might look a little crazy and Odd around here until we get settled!

Pardon the virtual dust... We are working on it! Please hang with me until the dust settles!


  1. wow, Amy! It looks great so far:) Did you get a designer or do it yourself?

  2. I just realized it was Julie that did this one! Isn't she the best? She designed my site (before these recent changes) and the header that I now have.

    I just adore her - she's great!

  3. Thank You ladies! It's starting to come along! I am way excited about it!

    Tosha - LeeLou blogs did it for me!

    Becky- Yes, Julie (LeeLou) is great!

    Gwen- Thank You!!

  4. Wow,what a nice tips, in my point of view saving money is aspect of our life to make our future bright.

  5. Hey!
    Your email is not working yet. Can you pop me an email when you get a chance?


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