Monday, February 8, 2010

Meal Plan Moday!

This week I have a very simple menu planned. Well actually, every week is simple & easy because that's the way that I roll, LOL! Anyhow, here's what we are planning on eating this week...

Monday - Cincinnati chili 3-ways (Skyline chili, cheese, and spaghetti noodles)

Tuesday- Taco Night (Soft & Hard shell taco's, refried beans, rice, sour cream, lettuce, cheese)

Wednesday- Meatball Hoagies

Thursday - Chicken cordon bleu, veggies, mashed potato's

Friday - Always pizza night!

Saturday - Pork chops, veggies, potato's, rolls

Sunday - (Valentine's Day) - Chinese food, for a special Valentine's dinner & to celebrate the Chinese New Year, since my kids have been learning about it at school.

My family is very picky, as you can see, very plain & easy meals for us! For more meal idea's check out Org Junkie!

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