Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Coke Rewards: 20 Bonus Points!

My Coke Rewards is offering 20 Free points when you enter at least 3 new codes before Feb.18th! When you log into your account, scroll down until it says, Pick Up Points. The bonus points will be credited 7 days after the promotion ends (2/18/10).

If you are not a My Coke Rewards member yet, this is how it works....

1. Sign up to become a My Coke Rewards member Here. It's so easy to sign up!

2. Enter codes from participating Coke products, such as 2 liters, 12-packs, and inside 20 oz. bottles, and powerade bottles. There are not codes for Powerade zero though! There is now a limit of entering 120 points per week.

3. Turn the points into rewards! There are a lot of rewards to pick from! Easy enough, right!

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