Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freezer Cooking aka Once a Month Cooking!

Once a Month cooking, or also known as Once a week cooking, or Freezer cooking will save you time & money! You could just cook normally, except that you'll cook double, and freeze half for an easy meal on another night. Or you could dedicate one day of the week or month to cook all the meals necessary for your family to eat!

The key to this method is all in the planning! You have to plan your time, your meals, and your shopping list. Using this method will save you time & money!

Tip #1
Pick a convenient time for cooking. It would be easier for me to do a cooking day on a Saturday, so that we don't have to worry about school or church on Sundays.

Tip #2
Scan your grocery store ads, match the sales with coupons & cook meals that are on sale.

Tip #3
Plan Your meals. You can find many recipes online! If you need menu planning help check out my tips Here.

Tip #4
Make your shopping list & Go shopping. Try to stick to your list when shopping! Only get the things that you need!

Tip #5
Cooking! You can cook one recipe at a time, and double batches, or cook several meals at the same time. Do what works best for you & your family.

Tip #6
Freezing! Make sure to have plenty of plastic wrap, Ziploc style bags, and containers, or a vacuum sealer.

*Make sure that foods are cooled down before you wrap & freeze them!
*Make sure to label the packages with what is inside, and add the date that you prepared it.
*Wipe the edges of packages or containers clean before you freeze them.
*Also make sure freeze the items as flat & thin as possible, so that you can fit more into your freezer!

There are several resources and tutorials online to help you to make your Freezer cooking successful. Make sure to check them out!

Money Saving Mom has a great tutorial and Free printable forms Here!

There is also a very informative tutorial from Moms By Heart Here and Free printable forms!

Lots of information at Once A Month Mom Here.

More Once A Month cooking Forms Here, and Recipes Here!

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